How long do you need for one movie?

I mostly draw picture by picture, which means for every second I have to draw 12 pictures. It depends on the technique how long I need for every drawing, but for one minute of animation I need at least between 2 weeks and one month.

Where can I meet you?

Write me an Email and let's have a coffee.

I still need a birthdaypresent for my mom, what can I do?

You can buy my DVD here

I like the sound/the music/the production of your movies. Who do you work with?

My favorit people to work with are the boys from Genre and my producer Ingmar

Why don't you work with computer animation?

I like failures, they make everything more human. Computers do fail from time to time, but in a way that makes me nervous. I like the slow process of animating frame by frame, it gives me time to think about things, I normally have no time to think about.

Where can I see your latest movie in full length?

On 13-03-2020 in Viena at the Tricky Women, on 20-03-2020 in Barcelona at the Mecal and during the Athens Animfest

How do you look like?


Aren't animation movies made with 24 pictures per second?

Maybe. But I'm not Disney.